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Attention RPA Members

Members are reminded that 2014 dues should be submitted as soon as possible.  

Also, be sure to post your CE's to keep your designation current.  If you have any questions, please contact Dave Mehren at the RPA office.

Continuing Education is a cornerstone of the RPA designation.  In an effort to add value to our member designees, the RPA is making a commitment to publishing educational events throughout the country that satisfy your CE requirements.  It's tough enough keeping up with everything else you do!  We thought we would help with the burden of finding appropriate and meaningful courses to broaden your knowledge and keep you up to date on this ever-changing industry.  Click for Courses !

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Annual Member Fee

Renewal: Each year's Renewal fee is due on or before March 1st for the current year, otherwise you will be removed from the RPA for non-payment of dues. Use our Online Renewal process or Download our current Renewal Form

For Employers Re: RPA Verification: Note to employers and those seeking to hire RPAs for specific loss assignments (a quite common occurrence)....if a person is not listed in our RPA member listing, that person is not an RPA or has not maintained their status as an RPA. For specific inquiries...please call us at 800-949-5272 or 630-515-9340 or send an inquiry to

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Welcome New RPA Designees

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Registered Professional Adjusters, I want to extend a hearty welcome and congratulations to those of you that have become RPA designees and those of you who have recently renewed your membership in this organization that recognizes the best in the claims industry.  RPA designees prove their commitment to the claims community by devoting time and energy to secure continuing education...something that isn't even required by many states in the US..

Douglas Jackson, RPA
President of the Society of
Registered Professional Adjusters

Taking the RPA Exam has
never been easier!

Once your application is approved for membership, you will now take your test online in about 1-2 hours!  The test was prepared to quickly and accurately demonstrate a potential designee's knowledge of the insurance claims industry.

If you have received your exam test code from the RPA, click the link below to start the exam.

RPA Exam

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Continuing Education (CE) credits Submissions streamlined ... scroll down for more info.

Note: Some documents occasionally referred to on this page are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view and print them, you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which you can download here.

New Faster, Easier, Streamlined Continuing Education (CE) Submission For All RPA Members

The Society of Registered Professional Adjusters understands that our members are insurance claims professionals devoted to professionalism and ethical leadership in the insurance industry.

The previous requirements for submitting CE's were beyond that of other professional organizations such as attorneys, accountants, and other insurance license holders. The Board of the RPA has revamped our entire process of requirements for the registration of our members' Continuing Education credits.

Effective immediately, new Continuing Education (CE) submission forms are available for download here. The new forms acknowledge that our members are trustworthy, ethical, and professional. You can even submit CE credit requests online using our new
Online CE Form. Simply fill it in and submit it on your PC -- no need to print or mail anything.

If you still prefer to use the downloadable forms, you simply list the courses you've taken along with basic information, then sign and certify completion of the courses and submit to RPA. We realize how busy our members are and trust that this choice of easy new procedures will better enable each member to submit their CEs more easily and on a timely basis.

Earlier, the Board instituted another idea that our members had requested. Members could not always secure all of their 15 hours of CE credits in one year (due to conflicting schedules, business and personal reasons, catastrophes, etc). The RPA will now allow members who are short in CEs one year to apply an overage in CE credits either from one year previous or one year forward.

You spoke, we listened!

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