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Executive Director's Message

Dear RPA Members:

On behalf of the entire membership of The Society of Registered Professional Adjusters,  congratulations to Secretary Mike Csom and Director Doug Jackson  for their efforts in creating a fresh RPA Website! We hope you will share our pride in this new look.

Members will take note of a more contemporary image tantamount to the Society’s place in the Industry. You are encouraged to review the features and become familiar with the respective aspects all aimed at fostering and furthering membership expertise.

In my world I equate expertise with Professionalism.  You will note that professionalism, along with integrity and education, are words that appear in conjunction with the Society’s logo

And with reference to that term as well as education, we can report an outstanding Fall Midwest One Day Seminar held September 29, 2017 at the state of the art Headquarters of JC Restoration, Schaumburg, IL.  Led by Director Nino Berardi, the gathering featured top professionals with JC Restoration personnel discussing an array of topics focusing on contents. Your Board of Directors will be looking at further regional seminars.  The Board also utilized the opportunity to hold a meeting reviewing a number of key matters. Again, thanks to JC Restoration for allowing us to use it facilities for this gathering as well. 

Among the various facets of the website and with an eye to promoting your organization, we direct you to our Speaker’s Bureau with information about the RPA website. Do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to be listed as a participant. The aim is to list RPA who are willing to appear before groups looking for a speaker. Thus you will become part of our ongoing pledge to increase RPA awareness. Your contribution will benefit all. It provides us with an aura of reliability by demonstrating the quality of our members. In addition it reflects the integrity; another logo attached term.

The RPA Board of Directors is committed to expanding the Society’s footprint and to that end has set Exhibit Booth activity staffed by representatives at the following 2018 events:
  • January 7-11, National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
  • February 6-8, NAMIC Claims Conference, Orlando, FL
  • June 10-14, NAIIA Annual Conference, Lake Tahoe, CA            

Please be aware of these dates and locations and if you are in attendance make it a point to visit the booth.

Lastly, please let us know if you have had a change with respect to employer, address, email address and or telephone. This allows us to keep our records current.

Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Dave Mehren
Executive Director
The Society of Registered Professional Adjusters