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RPA Adjuster

Society of Registered Professional Adjusters
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Toll Free: (877) 344-0624

Fax: (269) 978-9078 but before you fax us, please read the next paragraph.

About Faxing to RPA:
Not all paperwork is faxable. Forms with a color background or with light-color type almost never fax properly, and should be mailed or priority-mailed to us. If there’s any doubt about whether your material is faxable, call us — we’ll be happy to look over a sample page.

Please do not fax anything over 10 pages long. If you must fax, be sure to fax the correct side: you’d be amazed how many blank faxes we receive. Just because you get a confirmation that you faxed your paperwork doesn’t mean anything if we receive a blank (upside-down) fax.

If possible, just use the form below. Thanks!

E-Mail: Please send your documents to or use our contact form below for general questions: