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Frequently Asked Questions - The Future

The future of the Society is dependent on the continued support of the membership. Over the past two years, the board has attempted to leave no question unexplored, no thinking unchallenged and no issue unresolved concerning the future of the Society. Building from our original roots, we now understand that it is the responsibility of the directors to determine “what “needs to be done, while the actual “how” to accomplish will be the responsibility of the membership. This has been proven by the members who volunteered to work on committees addressing education and business plan issues.
Our specific plans for the future are:

  • Implement the new testing mechanism  (Done)
  • Establish by Fall 2010 a ( mRPA) Master Registered   Professional  Adjuster designation
  • Achieve regulatory parity between RPA designation and State  Licensing  Requirements
  • Continue to keep the Society on firm financial ground
  • Create and deliver Value-Added services to members
  • Establish our brand identity