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Frequently Asked Questions - Evolution of the RPA

The founders, in order to build membership, established a “grandfathering “period from July 1996 through July 2001. Qualification for membership was determined based on submission of an application, a fee of $250, and demonstration of experience in claim handling, educational accomplishment, and personal business reference checks. It was the intent of the founders that beyond the “grandfathering” period, yearly CE credits would be required.

Since the expiration of the “grandfathering” period several things have changed in addition to changing of board members. Foremost has been the development of a new business plan. The previous plan, although well thought out, lacked the financial and personnel resources to move the Society forward. The Society’s goals for the next three years are: 1) finalize development of the education program for RPA candidates, 2) increase membership, 3) achieve fiscal stability, and 4) gain broader industry recognition (branding).

To achieve these goals, the board has approved changes to the bylaws and adopted new specific criteria for members maintaining the designation. The fiscal year has been changed to January 1st thru December 31st of the current year. Annual dues have been established at $200, and members are now required to maintain 15 CE credits per calendar year. The board has also adopted a grace period for CE credit allowing an additional twelve-month period to make up the credits. Failure to comply with maintaining CEs and payment of dues will result in the removal of the member’s designation from good standing. The member may re-apply after making up the CEs and dues, which are in arrears, then sitting for and satisfactorily passing the ethics and specific line of business exam. With the expiration of the “grandfathering” period all applicants as well those seeking reinstatement must take the exams