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What are the Society's Continuing Education requirements?

The Registered Professional Adjuster Program requires members to take 12 units of continuing education (CE) credits annually to maintain the Designation. The 15 units can be split among two or more courses, conferences, or seminars – internal training courses count as well. Continuing education credits are accrued on a calendar-year basis.

Once adjusters receive the RPA Designation, it becomes their responsibility to begin fulfilling their Continuing Education requirement the calendar year after they receive their designation, then yearly thereafter. Only members fulfilling their Continuing Education requirement will be renewed upon receipt of their annual application and the file maintenance fee, currently $200. Members may look back or forward one year in making up shortage or overage of their Continuing Education requirement from year to year.  After that one year “float”, a designee will go on a one-year probation after which they lose their designation if the Continuing Education requirement is not fulfilled during the Probation Period. Only members in good standing will be listed on the RPA website. Members on probation will be removed from the website listing temporarily until they have fulfilled their Continuing Education Requirement.

Qualifying for credits. Continuing Education credits require your participation and attendance at educational meetings, seminars and/or schools.

The Society of Registered Professional Adjusters understands that our members are insurance claims professionals devoted to professionalism and ethical leadership in the insurance industry.

The previous requirements for submitting CE’s were beyond that of other professional organizations such as attorneys, accountants, and other insurance license holders. The Board of the RPA has revamped our entire process of requirements for the registration of our members’ Continuing Education credits.

Effective immediately, new Continuing Education (CE) submission forms are available for download here. The new forms acknowledge that our members are trustworthy, ethical, and professional. You can even submit CE credit requests online using our new Online CE Form. Simply fill it in and submit it on your PC — no need to print or mail anything.

If you still prefer to use the downloadable forms, you simply list the courses you’ve taken along with basic information, then sign and certify completion of the courses and submit to RPA. We realize how busy our members are and trust that this choice of easy new procedures will better enable each member to submit their CEs more easily and on a timely basis.

Earlier, the Board instituted another idea that our members had requested. Members could not always secure all of their 15 hours of CE credits in one year (due to conflicting schedules, business and personal reasons, catastrophes, etc). The RPA will now allow members who are short in CEs one year to apply an overage in CE credits either from one year previous or one year forward.

A key focus of the Society of RPA and the RPA Designation is to promote professionalism through education. Do your part to maintain your Designation by submitting Continuing Education credit requests promptly.