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About RPA

Is RPA incorporated?

Yes — in Nevada.

Why does the RPA exist?

The RPA’s purpose is to provide a professional designation for those who exhibit significant experience, expertise, ethics, and knowledge while engaged in the business of insurance loss/claim adjustments.

Who were the key people responsible for founding RPA?

Gil Malmgren, Malmgren Associates, Oakland, California; Peter Evans, D.L. Glaze/ASU Group Novato, California; Daniel G. Price, Pacific Claims Service, Inc., San Diego, California; John Joiner, Rooney & Anderson, Eureka, California; Robert L. Gresham, Jr. CPCU, R.L. Gresham & Company, Las Vegas, Nevada; and Eugene Riggs, AIC, Napa, California, were RPA’s co-founders. Mr. Price became Chairman of the Board early in 2001.

Who founded RPA?

The Society of RPA was founded in July 1996, by members of the California Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters.

What is the "Society of RPA"?

The Society of RPA is a U. S. -based, global professional society of claims adjusters. It has three clear objectives: