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Management of the RPA

Who runs the Society on a day-to-day basis?

As indicated above, the founding members ran the organization as a committee until 1998 when the Society was formalized with the election of a Board of Directors and the adoption of Bylaws. In their first meeting in St Louis, MO, the Board established a process by which the Society would operate in the future. Since that time the Society has had only two employees. The first was Gene Riggs, who retired in 2001, then Susan K. Sunny, who retired in 2006. Pamela Murphy joined the RPA to take over the duties of Susan.

Who are the current Directors?

Michael Csom is Chairman, Douglas Jackson is President, Gary Kerney is Treasurer, and Gene Roberts Secretary. Other Board of Directors members are Anthony “Tony” Clark, Elise Farnham, Jon McCreath, Douglas Peterson, Peter Schifrin and Dave Mehren; Douglas Houser is Of Counsel.

When was the Board of Directors formed? What's the Board's purpose?

The Board was formed in 1998 to provide direction, control, additional organization, and bylaws. The Board’s work – performed on a voluntary basis without monetary compensation — has enabled RPA to operate as an effective, functioning business.