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The Membership

From what companies?

The company adjusters are from companies like Auto Club, Chartis, Chubb, CNA, FM Global, St. Paul, Zurich, and others. The independent adjusters are from organizations such as Cunningham Linsey, Crawford, Engle Martin, Frontier, Vericlaim, Schifrin, Gagnon, & Dickey, Crawford, McLarens Young, York and many others.

Who belongs? Is it company claims people or independent adjusters?

Both. Our current membership is about 50% company adjusters and 50% independent.

What countries are your members from?

Although the majority of people who posses the RPA designation and are members of the Society of RPA are from the United States, and are more or less equally distributed across the country, an increasing number of members is international. Presently, we are represented in Canada, Australia, Austria, the UK, France, and Germany, Istanbul, & Turkey.

How many people belong to the Society of RPA?

At the time this site was launched (January, 2002), there were over 1300 designees. Although there was a slight decline in membership, those numbers continue to increase each year.